Inclusive Education

At Mount Macedon Primary, we nurture and support all students to learn, contribute and participate in all aspects of school. We continue to reflect and evolve our practice, through strengths- and evidence-based research. This allows our teachers, educators and other education professionals to create inclusive education environments for our students and school community.



At Mount Macedon Primary, we follow the below guiding principles, based on the Australian Disability Standards for Education (2005), which underpin the Australian government’s guidance on planning personalised learning and support in schools:


  1. All students can learn
  2. Every child has a right to a high-quality education
  3. Effective teachers provide engaging and rigorous learning experiences for all students
  4. A safe and stimulating environment is integral to enabling students to explore and build on their talents and achieve relevant learning outcomes
  5. For students with disability and additional learning needs, reasonable adjustments should be made where required (DET 2015, p. 3).


Understanding more about Inclusive Education




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