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The Outside School Hours Care Program was established in 1985 and has offered many families peace of mind knowing that their children have been cared for in a secure, educational environment that provides a high sense of belonging.


The School is the Approved Provider of the service and it is managed and coordinated by a qualified Outside School Hours Care Educator, Loretta Jordan.


The Program offers childcare benefits, so providing your customer reference number from the Department of Human Services will enable you to receive a reduced childcare fee.


The Beforecare Program opens at 7.30am and the fee is $18 per session. This includes, breakfast for the children. They are then welcome to catch up on homework, do a light craft or just chill and relax and get ready for their day at school.


The Aftercare Program starts at 3.30pm and finishes at 6.30pm and the fee is $21 per session. On arriving there is a roll call and then afternoon snack is served. There is a set activity on offer for that day in which they can participate , otherwise the service has a great range of other open ended activities for them to do. Once again homework is encouraged. We have computers and the internet to help for homework or games and of course there is a staff member to assist when needed.


Here at OSHC we care for our environment and encourage that same sort of positive attitude in the children.


We have introduced a small program where the children plant herbs and vegetables for the local wildlife and we are into recycling and reducing waste.


This is the format in which we conduct our Outside School Hours Care Program.


We are fully licenced by the Department of Education and Early Childcare Development and adhere to the frameworks of My Time My Place; promoting collaborative partnerships between school age care services and schools. This encourages Stability for the children and provides a direct line of communication between the school and the Outside School Service.



Our Philosophy and Goals

To provide a quality primary school-aged childcare service for Mount Macedon Primary School which is community-based, flexible and meets each child’s need for care in a creative, stimulating, safe and secure environment Before and After school.


The philosophy is implemented by the following goals:

  • To offer a flexible service that responds to the care and recreational needs of children
  • To provide an environment for children that is both safe and challenging
  • Fosters individuality, recognising their needs and interests
  • Promotes the physical health and well being
  • Acknowledges the importance of the middle years of child development
  • Values the benefit of play in both structured and self-directed experiences
  • Fosters a spirit of equity and inclusion

To ensure that the service accurately reflects the needs of children and parents by:

  • Acknowledging the importance of parents in providing direction for the service
  • Encouraging comments and feedback from all parents
  • Acknowledging and being sensitive to the cultural backgrounds of families

To meet the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework and Strive to achieve the highest level of quality as determined by the National Framework for School Aged Children “My Time, Our Place” through the following 5 outcomes:

  • Children have a strong sense of identity
  • Children are connected with and contribute to their world
  • Children have a strong sense of wellbeing
  • Children are confident and involved leaners
  • Children are effective communicators

To ensure that staff are able to:

  • fulfil the role and responsibilities they are employed to undertake
  • have their needs met



Victorian Early Years Learning & Development Framework 2011,

National Framework for OSHC ‘My Time, Our Place’.

Education and Care Service National Regulations 2011 Part 6 Division 1, Regulation 72 - Statement of philosophy


Fun Times at Mount Macedon OUTSIDE SCHOOL HOURS CARE

  • Art
  • Cooking
  • Healthy Eating
  • Crafts
  • Homework
  • Play and fun times
  • Sustainability: Growing produce for the wildlife
  • Visitors from the wildlife we help feed
  • School Hens: Care, responsibility & sustainability

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