At Mt Macedon Primary School we are working to establish the principles and framework of an eSmart school.


Our aim is to ensure that our students equipped to operate in a safe, smart and responsible manner within the domain of information technology. We would like to ensure that our students, staff and the wider community all have the skills and knowledge to embrace the best these technologies have to offer, whilst understanding the issues that may arise.


Being eSmart is integrated across a number of school policies and documents which include:

  • Student Engagement and Wellbeing Policy
  • ICT Acceptable Use Agreement and ICT Code of Conduct
  • Staff Code of Conduct Booklets
  • School Social Media Policy
  • Whole School Curriculum Plan

All students investigate cyber safety in an age appropriate manner. The school also uses the Life Ed van as an incursion to help reiterate a cyber safe message and further develop our students’ skills. 



All students are bound by the following rules:-

  • No inappropriate sites to be accessed at school
  • Should an inappropriate site appear on your screen, minimise it and seek immediate teacher help
  • No passwords are to be given to anyone else
  • Computers and iPads are not to be used without supervision – including no use on wet/cold/windy day timetables
  • All ICT equipment will be treated respectfully
  • All iCT equipment will be logged off when the user is finished
  • All ICT equipment will be plugged into a charger as soon as use is finished

To help parents understand and develop some cyber safe practices, eSmart has produced a parent’s online link.


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